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Fill out a want request if you are looking for a specific book or style of books.

If you are wanting to sell books send a few photographs via email. You can visit and donate books any time up the back of the Bardon 24 Hour Book Shed.

To visit the Fortitude Valley Warehouse you will need to make an appointment:



Logical Unsanity Warehouse
School Street, Fortitude Valley
Brisbane, Australia
Open by appointment  & on event days.
Logical Unsanity 24 Hour Book Shed
3 Morgan Terrace, Bardon
Open 24/7, every day of the year.
Our Mailing address is:
Logical Unsanity Books
PO Box 201
Ashgrove QLD 4060

Phone: 0413469509


Our Warehouse:

Our 24 Hour Book Shed:

Bardon Book Shed Virtual Tour